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No matter your wealth level or experience, Empress Club has a space for you. Together we are on a journey to Impact the World for good and yes, Be Wealthy. 


PS please remember: Trading, Crypto, Silver/Gold projects are risky. We are NOT financial Advisors, so always do your own research and any action you take is completely your responsibility.

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Whether it is getting started with Crypto, Wealth Mindset, Trading or Silver/ Gold, we have a course for you! 


Join one of our projects - the  wealth opportunities from other businesses that our women bring to our community. 


Build community and relationships with other women you can trust - and join our daily chats, weekly calls, and  retreats. 

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Ready for a Wealth Reset?  

Within our Inner Circle Mastermind, we get you started where you are comfortable.

Here are some examples!   


Women are the best traders! Learn how to trade in your way, on your time, whether you have 10min or 10hrs/day!

Silver/ Gold

Diversification is at the center of every wealth strategy. Silver/ Gold are powerful long term opportunities. 

Set it and forget it

Are you a set it and forget it girl? We have you covered. Come take a look at our set it and forget it projects.

What can you expect from our Year long Mastermind

We are all about creating massive income and impact in this world, but let's first upgrade YOUR Wealth point. Together, we reset your wealth set point, learn about amazing wealth opportunities for women, and work together.

You can start super small, or jump in fully, the choice is yours. Let's get moving and have fun while learning this. The more fun we have, the more motivated we will be. No matter which course or project you decide on, you can count on three things:

Supportive Community 

You'll find an amazing community of women who truly support each other. 


We’ll mix it up: different projects, different retreats, a different pace 


We listen and help you get started in our community, so you can start with your personal goals.


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Sara Perry 

"I love being able to look at things & ask for everybody's perspective."

Wendy Berry

"These projects are so much fun, I can't wait for the next one!"


"Empress Club's classes helped me connect with so many amazing women."

Megan Wood

"I've always dreaded finances, but now it is so much fun."

Barbra Calvert

Love this group. Always supportive and looking for new ways to invest and make money

Sandra Auger

"I never thought getting financially fit could be so fun! These ladies are great at what they do."

Have Fun and get financially fit, even if you don't think it is your thing


You don't have to  even like traditional finances to come and have fun with us

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