Reset & Rejuvinate

Sept 21-24th, West Palm Beach, Florida 


Wealth Skills

Uplevel your skills and learn how to create more wealth in Trading, Asset Protection, and more. Our Master Teachers will mentor you in a small group setting. 

Wealth Community

Connect with like minded women, and make life long friendships. We come together as empresses to connect and learn from each other.  

Wealth Flow

Upgrade your Money Flow through our Brain Body Work. Release the monkey mind, powerful wealth blocks, anxiety, procrastination, and more ..through powerful somatic experiences, guided breath work, and energetic guidance.

Enjoy the wonderful beach, eat delicious food and enjoy the 1:1 conversations with our Masters of trading and wealth management. 

All are first come - first serve

NO refunds, NO cancellations once purchased



Day 1

- 7pm Welcome 

- Connect & Chat

- Abundance Session I with Annemarie

Day 2

- 8am: Abundance Session II

- 9am: The power of the Healy with Sara

- 11am: Trading Mindset: Sal & Vanessa

- Lunch 

- 1pm: Wealth Mindset with Coach Max 

- 6pm:  Empress "White" Dinner 

- 8pm: Readings with Ruby


Day 3 

- 8am: Abundance Session IV:

- 10am:   Worldwide Walk with Dr Joe Dispenza

- 11am:  Wealth Transformation with Jeff & Jeff 

- Lunch

2pm Relax / Fun/ Beach time

6pm: Dinner Out

10pm: Sleep Reset


Day 4

- 9am Goodbye's 



- Sal and Vanessa Leto from 8 Min Trader 

- Wealth Reset by coach Max 

- Wealth Transformation by Jeff/ Jeff

- Abundance Sessions by Annemarie

- Readings with Ruby 

- Healy with Sara and Leah

Empress Ticket $250

Come join us Sept 21-24th

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Empress Retreat + Shared room 


Join us at the Empress Home while staying at a shared room with other empresses. Lunches and dinners included. 



Empress Retreat + Private Room 


Join us at the Empress Home while staying at a private room. Lunches and dinners included - only 2 rooms available still.